Client Stories

Touching Client Lives: Tales of Their Travels…

“This is the greatest thing that has ever happened to us. The drivers are wonderful, polite and courteous. Metro Transport is the greatest thing for old people.”- JCC Client

A JCC member and Metro Transport client was having a bat mitzvah at the age of 93. She wanted to invite the entire JCC group that rides the Metro Transport bus, in addition to their driver to attend the bat mitzvah. Their driver picked up the group on a Saturday morning and they all went to their friend’s bat mitzvah together on the Metro Transport bus! Without Metro Transport the group would to have been able to attend.

Mrs. X. had terminal cancer and was very depressed. Metro Transport was taking Mrs. X to her appointments, when one day Mrs. X asked if the driver would go in with her. The driver happily accompanied Mrs. X and noticed that the doctor was extremely rude. Mrs. X tried to explain her situation but the doctor interrupted and prescribed more medicine without paying attention to the fact the Mrs. X already had medication but was not taking it. The driver was so concerned that she asked the doctor if he'd like to speak with the social worker at Mrs. X's apartment complex. The doctor refused. The driver then contacted the JFS social worker herself to make her aware of the situation so Mrs. X could get the proper care she required. The social worker was then able to help Mrs. X locate a new doctor that better understood her needs.
Our clients often confide in our drivers and Mrs. C. from Livingston was no exception. Mrs. C was 42 years old, disabled and unable to work. Her husband was abusing her mentally, he also emptied her bank account, and was in the process of divorcing her. Mrs. C. was stranded in her home, and had no way to get to her doctor’s appointments, until she found Metro Transport through JFS. Metro Transport helped to enroll her in the MetroWest Kosher Meals on Wheels Program to ensure that she had enough food to eat. Metro Transport also contacted JFS for a social worker to get involved in her case. Our transportation director would frequently take Mrs. C to the post office and the pharmacy for minor errands after her doctor appointments because she had no other way of getting there. Mrs. C’s driver became her friend, confidant and her lifeline to help her through a most difficult time in her life.

Our newest client is a 53-year old man living in the community who had been on the waiting list for a spot on the JCC vehicle. He is disabled from Parkinson’s disease and was being driven to the JCC daily by his wife. However, this was a great hardship for her because she also needed to get to work on time to support their family. The ability to utilize Metro Transport has greatly eased the burden for this community family and has given this man back some of his lost independence. According to his wife, “Having steady reliable transportation to and from the JCC has enabled my husband to increase his independence in planning his daily activities and alleviates his feeling completely dependent on me.  It also allows me to go to work to support my family with the comfort of knowing that my husband is well cared for and busy for the day.  I thank all that are involved in Metro Transport and the JCC for giving this gift to my husband and our family.”

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