General Donations

Metro Transport was created to subsidize the cost of transportation to ensure that no at-risk financially qualified individual is ever denied a ride because they cannot afford to pay for it.

A community fund raising committee has been established to raise $10.5 Million in endowment funds in order to sustain our "Gift-A-Ride" subsidy program in perpetuity. Until that time, we must raise annual operating funds to pay for the subsidized rides. Once the endowment is established the annual interest income will provide the funds necessary to sustain the subsidized portion of the operating budget.  

We welcome and appreciate your support through a variety of opportunities:

An endowment gift of $1,000,000 will provide 1,800 unduplicated Metro Transport rides annually, and ensure that the service will be available for future generations of seniors who choose to live and age in place in the MetroWest community. A gift of $55,000 can provide funding for a wheelchair accessible vehicle for the program. A contribution of $2,750 will provide rides for 100 passengers for one year.

For more information or to make a gift, please contact:
Rina Richard, Program Administrator


 Metro Transport
 1155 Pleasant Valley Way
 West Orange, NJ 07052






Generously Funded By:

The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation, Inc.

Grotta Fund For Senior Care of the Jewish Community Foundation
The Fred C. Rummel Foundation
United Jewish Communites of MetroWest New Jersey
Wallerstein Foundation for Geriatric Life Improvement